We will work with you to create the best possible lending outcome as well as minimise the stress and maximise your client experience at every opportunity throughout the entire lending process.  

Home Loans

Whatever your home loan needs, we'll source the perfect mortgage, and negotiate with the banks so that you don't have to. With access to more than 30 different lenders, and over 4,500 products to choose from, we are sure to find the right home loan for you. We will provide you with unbiased recommendations, but you will have the final say on which product you choose. You might be after an all-encompassing home loan package with all the added extras, or perhaps you'd prefer a basic 'no frills' product with the lower interest rate; whatever your needs, we will help find a solution. And the best part? Our services are at no cost to you.

Debt consolidation

A credit card here, a personal loan there. It can be quite easy for our little niggling debts to get away from us. Managing multiple repayments can have a big impact on your cashflow and can cost dearly in interest repayments. By combining all of your debts (mortgage included) into one easy repayment, you will save time, money and energy. Talk to us about debt consolidation today.


If you've had a home loan for a few years, chances are you may be paying more in interest than you need to. If this is the case, a refinance can potentially save you thousands. Or you may be looking to unlock some of the equity in your home to finance a renovation, or free up some capital for property investment. Whatever your goals, we will take the stress out of refinancing, comparing hundreds of different products until we find you the best fit. Sit back, relax, and we'll take care of all the hard parts for you.

Vehicle Finance

If you have found the perfect car, caravan, boat, bike or other vehicle Tru Finance can help provide a finance solution.  We have a specialised division dedicated to asset finance.  We are sure to find the best solution for your requirements.  We also can provide lending for PRIVATE vehicle sales and for your commercial needs.